Everyone is getting their deleted scenes and blooper reels…the Bones fandom continues to wait.


Someone I am sure will rip them off the DVD on Sept 15th if we have a generous Brit, if not then the 16th an American will do it. FOX definitely won’t release it any sooner. They never release gag reels anyway.
So on the day of the DVD release, the Bones gag reel will come out. I can’t wait!

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How my Flemish channel makes a Bones promo! Stephen Nathan would approve. LOL

Tagline: “Every weekday a meal of Bones”

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Anyone who is stuck that Bones was better in the earlier seasons and “stopped watching”….PLEASE, do yourself, the show and their fans a favor and go watch Season 9 (at least)!

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Woman’s in loooooove….

Bones - 8x03 - The Gunk in the Garage

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Bones 8.01 The Future in the Past Preview #1

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"You almost died, Booth. That could happen again. What if next time I can't get to you?" - One of Temperance Brennan's biggest fears

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Brennan touching Booth’s face

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