Brennan love-eyeballing the crap out of Booth in Season 9

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Bones, you are the standard.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted… I think? @tjthyne and @toddmilliner - get ready!

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Anonymous said: hey Emily Deschanel in Drunk History 'Sports Heroes'Season 2, Episode 9 · Tue, Aug 26, 2014 will be whether you can record section and give it to yt ?? please :)

I guess I can do that.. sure anon..

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Happy Birthday from Bones Fans


Happy Birthday from Bones Fans

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No, we’ve been having a month-long sexathon.

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I knew, right from the beginning.

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DAVID & EMILY | Behind the Scenes of BONES… (X)

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The Special Juan - All of Juan Arango’s Goals in the Bundesliga

I will share with you some of the best goals of the best football player my country has ever have!